Liu Yong x Rishikensh SS20 Collection at NYFW

Liu Yong x Rishikensh SS20 Collection
New York Fashion Week @nyfw
Gallery 1 at Spring Studios
New York, September 10, 2019

Liu Yong @liuyong67 is regarded as one of the top 10 fashion designers in China and was project director or product consultant for many famous fashion groups in China, such as Septwolves and BOSIDENG. In 2003, Liu started his own fashion studio and has cooperated with many fashion brands successfully. In 2015, Liu established his own street fashion brand: “LIU YONG PLAY,” which is one of the original street style brands in China. In 2016, he won the “China Fashion Designer Top Award”. Accolades include: one of the core designers of APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation); Council member and Executive Member of the Arts Committee of China Fashion Association; Council member of Asian Fashion Association China; Vice President of Fujian Fashion Designers Association; and Vice President of Guangdong Fashion Designers Association.

RISHIKESH @rishikenshmovement, originated from the English name of Reshikesh, “the City of Yoga” in India. Leaning against the Himalayas and fronting the Ganges River, the city of Reshikesh is like a shining pearl inlaid into a crown, a place where many Yoga masters in the world live. It is a heaven of meditation and adventures in Yoga. The RESHIKESH brand is based on Yoga culture and highly integrated with the street culture and punk style from casual wear. Using the world’s first garment wash technology, they create a unique and distinctive style in fashion sportswear, winning great popularity in middle-end and high-end female customers aging from 18 to 38.

Thank you to the team at The Riviere Agency for inviting us to be part of this amazing event.

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  1. Why This Show Is One To Watch: China is actually becoming a powerhouse of influence in the street and athleisure world and Liu Yong x Rishikensh the latest collaboration for the famous Chinese designer, Liu Yong. This collaboration will include men s and women s athleisure and streetwear that will feature top trends for Spring Summer 2020.

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