Small Boutique Fashion Week – NYC – September 12

I am so excited to be attending Small Boutique Fashion Week in New York City on September 12! It will be my first time in New York for Fashion Week and SBFW2015 is one of the exciting events that features a lot of really talented designers and stylists. Watch the video above for details. Tickets are available at If you are going, let me know!

I have my front row seats to the 8pm show at the Metropolitan Pavilion (125 West 18th Street) where one of my favorite designers, Robert Greco, will be highlighting his couture collection.

Other designers who are being featured at the 8pm show include: Clavon Wear, Jo David by Jd Noble, Bryant Alexander Brand, Trang Tram Design, Charles Andrews Couture, Lainy Gold, Shadeth, Yvonne Jewnell, Lvi Fashion, Susnyara and House of Van Miller. Can’t wait to see all of their work!

SBFW is the only business-oriented runway show and market geared toward small business owners, emerging designers, and novelty designers that are looking to get their start by selling to small boutiques and unique shops.


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