Aprillegrace Love & Couture at ACFW

One of the highlights for me at Atlantic City Fashion Week this past October was the Aprillegrace Love & Couture collection from LA fashion designer Aprille Grace. Her beautiful collection was both hot and glamorous and I just love the gold fabrics. I’m excited that she’ll be back at ACFW in the spring and can’t wait to see what her next collection will have to offer.

If you’re in LA, track down her collection at La Maison de Fashions (7471B Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA. 90046). Otherwise, follow her on Facebook here, follow her on Instagram @aprillegrace. Tickets for the next edition of ACFW (February 23-27, 2016) are available at www.atlanticcityfashionweek.net. See you in February, Aprille!