Rock and Rosso with Constantine Maroulis and Sandra Zotti

Music and wine are a perfect combination. I had the most wonderful time experiencing the best of both at Rock and Rosso with Constantine Maroulis and Sandra Zotti, held at the beautiful James Ward Mansion in Westfield, NJ, on Saturday, January 12, 2019.

Constantine Maroulis has been one of my favorites ever since his appearance on American Idol Season 4. He was one of the first true rockers on the show, and turned his appearance on the show into a successful career, especially on the Broadway stage. He received a TONY award nomination for his role in “Rock of Ages,” and was critically acclaimed for his role in “Jekyll & Hyde.” He’s currently involved with several film, TV, and stage projects, notably a starring role in David Shire’s new musical “Our Table,” and is working on a new album, “Until I’m Wanted,” which is scheduled for release in 2019. He told me that he’s very excited about the songs and the recording process is going really well!

The host for the evening was wine educator and Certified Italian Wine Specialist Sandra Zotti. In addition to being a wine expert and event planner, she’s an exciting and engaging entertainer, and an accomplished pianist. She kicked off the evening with a memorable performance, and the promise of a full concert later this year. From there, she presented an amazing selection of Italian wines, and her passion and knowledge of wine was evident. She throws a great party!

The opening act was John Ward, who dazzled on the piano and showed off the chops that have made him an in-demand songwriter.

Constantine’s set included previews of a few new songs that will appear on “Until I’m Wanted,” and a selection of fun covers that showed off his incredible voice and stage presence. He’s a cool person and a fabulous performer. It was a really fun show and everyone had a great time.

This was the third edition of the wine and music pairing Sandra has presented at the James Ward Mansion and it was a huge success. I can’t wait to attend the next one and plan to become a regular at her events.

Thank you to Sandra, Constantine, and everyone who worked to put this event together for an amazing evening!

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker Pop-Up Store in New York City

Sarah Jessica Parker is a fashion icon. Her Carrie Bradshaw on “Sex and the City,” is the embodiment of a New York fashionista. When I heard about the new pop-up store for her SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker line, I knew I had to check it out. On Saturday, I made the trip to 52nd Street and was immediately struck by the bright, colorful space. The warm feel of the store drew me in. Then I saw the shoes, which are amazing. Sarah Jessica Parker loves bling!

I spoke with one of the sales associates, who told me that Sarah Jessica has been in the store almost every day it’s been open. The line was originally launched in 2014, but this is the first store dedicated to SJP in New York City. The pop-up is scheduled to be open for about 10 days, but hopefully it will lead to a permanent location in the city.

I love this wallpaper. Everything about the store is so cool and distinctive. I was told that Sarah Jessica is very hands-on with everything and the attention to detail really shows.

I love bling! All SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker shoes are handmade in Italy. Holding these shoes, I am impressed by the quality of the craftsmanship. Sarah Jessica designs all of the shoes herself. Beautiful style, high-quality construction, and they are so comfortable! I was pleasantly surprised by the prices as well.

I love the fact that these shoes don’t feel like a celebrity line, but a really high-end designer brand. One of the sales associates told me that since she launched the line, Sarah Jessica has been very active in soliciting feedback about what her customers want. I really wasn’t expecting to buy something when I visited the store, but after a few minutes I wanted everything!

I tried on these bling boots, and was thrilled that they sell Size 5! Since they are Italian made, they are sized perfectly, which is difficult for me to find. It just keeps getting better and better!

In addition to shoes, SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker also includes these super cute clutches.

When I walked into the pop-up store for #SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, I was greeted by Jake. I was looking at a pair of bling booties that were on the shelves. I asked him if you have a size 5. He said, sorry I have a 5.5. I was bummed. Then, the magic happened! He showed me another pair of bling booties that were on the shelves. Eureka! They were a size #5. I told him “I want them!” This must have been the fastest sale he ever had.

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker also features fragrances.

Here is another look at the clutches. I just love the bright, bold colors. These are products that will make you feel good when you are wearing them. When fashion can brighten your day, you know it’s special.

I love that the collection has bold, stylish bling shoes that aren’t only stiletto heels. These are shoes that any woman can wear, dressed up, or when in jeans. They are adaptable to any look, and really flexible so they can work in lots of different situations.

More bling! I still can’t get over how high quality everything is.

SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

I’m thrilled to have discovered the SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker line! I have some new favorite shoes. Being in the store and having her retail experience, I can feel how much she loves what she does. When a designer puts their passion and personality into their work, it reflects on the person who wears it.

The pop-up is scheduled to close on Sunday, December 3. My visit was extremely memorable, and I can only hope that this experiment is a huge success. If I can have a Christmas wish, I’ll be attending the grand opening of a brand new SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker store somewhere in midtown Manhattan in 2018!

Meeting American Idol’s Constantine Maroulis

Rock on! It was a thrill meeting Constantine Maroulis at Freedom Fest. (Yes, I was wearing Bebe! #bebeGirl!)

I loved him on #AmericanIdol and his voice still sounds great in #RockOfAges. He was really friendly and I grabbed him for a photo between sets.


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Book Signing with Giuliana Rancic

Excited! Fashionista meets Fashion Police

It was a pleasure meeting the delightful Giuliana Rancic at her #GoingOffScript book signing in Northvale, New Jersey. Looking forward to the next season of Fashion Police. #FashionPolice #Inspiration



I just love this exquisite vibrant bebe-exclusive print jacket.

Wear this with your favorite jeans, trouser and skirt. Any mixed combo will surely make you stand-out in a crowd.

Printed Notch Lapel Jacket by bebe.

Fashion Statement Silver Necklace by bebe.

Reboot with Joe Cross – Fully Charged

Excited to meet and see an awesome juicing presentation from Joe Cross, aka Joe The Juicer, the creator of the film “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead,” at Macy’s in Philadelphia, PA. #BookSigning #HealthyEating #Juicing #3222015 #JoeTheJuicer






Feeling Like A Star!


Feeling like a star at the Dancing with the Stars live tour meet and greet at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, NJ!


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